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Premiere Elements 9 is here!

Specific to Premiere Elements Version 9.

Premiere Elements 9 is here!

Postby Steve Grisetti » Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:27 am

We're excited to announce Adobe's release of Premiere Elements 9 (as well as Photoshop Elements 9 and the Elements 9 Organizer) -- what may be the best versions of these programs Adobe has yet produced! And, yes, Muvipix is supporting these new releases with a series of big, new updated books! (Available now through and on

You won’t find a lot of new bells and whistles in this new build. Not a lot of new, obvious features. This time out the emphasis has been on improving performance — and it certainly shows. Although the few new features that have been added are pretty impressive!

Highlights include:

-Mac compatibility. For the first time ever, the entire Elements Suite — Premiere Elements, Photoshop Elements and the Elements Organizer — has been released in Mac as well as Windows versions.

-Improved support for AVCHD video. AVCHD video can now be edited natively in Premiere Elements! That means you don’t have to render the video (if you’re using the correct project preset) on the timeline until you add effects or transitions to it.

-Support for Flip and still camera video. Version 9 includes project presets for Flip video as well as for a number of still camera video formats, including the Canon EOS series!

-Toggled Timeline track views. Video and audio tracks can be toggled between a full-size view and a compressed, flattened view, making much more efficient use of the timeline’s vertical space.

-Sharper interface. The program’s interface is now much cleaner, with clear, easy-to-read text on its tabs and tools. Additionally, the brightly-colored Organize, Edit, Disc Menu and Share tabs have been replaced with cool, black tabs so that the program looks more like its professional, big brother programs in the Creative Suite.

-Automatic project settings tool. When the first clip you use in your project doesn’t match your project’s settings, the program will warn you of this mismatch and offer to automatically update the project’s presets for you.

-WebDVD output. A new Share option allows you to output and upload your videos as a Web site that operates like a DVD — complete with menu pages and media links.

-Added NewBlue effects. Some great new effects and transitions from NewBlue — including the very exciting Cartoonr effect for making your videos look like cartoons!

For more detailed information on the new features in both Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements as well as screen shots of the new interfaces and tutorials demonstrating some of the new tools, see
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