What's New in
Premiere Elements 2024

In version 2024, Adobe has made an even greater effort to provide you access to help and tutorials for creating video projects and effects.

What's New! (PDF)

Premiere Elements Basic Training
The following are a few tutorials to help you get started with Premiere Elements (all versions):

What's New in
Photoshop Elements 2024

Adobe continues to focus on simplifying many of the photo editing processes in version 2024. It includes a couple of cool new semi-automatic tools as well as some new Guided Edits, tools that take you step-by-step through the process of enhancing your photos.

What's New! (PDF)

Photoshop Elements Basic Training
The following are a few tutorials to help you get started with Photoshop Elements:

  • Tutorial #1
    A Program Overview

  • Tutorial #2
    Color Correction And Improvement

  • Tutorial #3
    Making Selections

  • Tutorial #4
    Cutting, Pasting And Making Compositions

  • Tutorial #5
    Removing And Adding Objects In Photos

  • Tutorial #6
    Working In Camera RAW

  • Tutorial #7
    Using Guided Edits To Make A Pefect Portrait

  • Tutorial #8
    Output Options And Moving Pictures


  • Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    The Guides to
    Photoshop Elements 2024 and Premiere Elements 2024

    We're excited to celebrate the release of latest editions of Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements.

    Premiere Elements and Photoshop both have cleaner, brighter interfaces. New Guided Edits have been added to their libraries of special effect walkthroughs. Photoshop Elements includes more ways to animate your photos and Premiere Elements includes exciting new ways to add effects to your movies. As always, we've made every effort to offer the most comprehensive support possible for these programs in the forms of our latest Guides. You’ll find thorough explanations of each of the tools in all of the programs as well as how-tos for the latest tools and dozens of tips and tricks for taking advantage of the many cool but not-so-obvious features in the Elements bundle.

    And, of course, we’ll continue to provide tips, tricks and tutorials right here on Muvipix so that you can make the very most of your entire photo and video editing experience.

    The Guide to Adobe Premiere Elements 2024

    The tools, and how to use them, to make movies on your personal computer using the best-selling video editing software program.

    From the basics of video editing with Premiere Elements, like capturing your media and building a timeline, to advanced functions, like creating customized effects and building projects for disc or social media, we'll show you:
    • How to use the Motion Tracking tool, Candid Moments and the Smart Trim tool to edit and enhance your videos
    • How to navigate the streamlined Quick View editing space
    • How to create and upload videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest
    • How to use the new Color Match tool
    • How to create automatic Highlight Reels
    • The magic of keyframing, Premiere Elements' most versatile and powerful tool for creating motion paths and special effects
    • How to use the options in the program's Export & Share workspace to create movies and share your videos online
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    The Guide to Photoshop Elements 2024

    The tools in Adobe's amazing photo editing program, and how to use them to create great-looking photos on your personal computer.

    There’s no better way to clean up and enhance your digital photos than with Photoshop Elements – Adobe’s affordable and feature-packed photo editing program.

    We'll show you:
    • How to correct color, erase blemishes and enhance your digital photos to make your good pictures look great!
    • How to use selections, layers, effects and filters to take full advantage of Photoshop Elements' powerful tools
    • How to use the program's new tools to automatically match color levels and effects with existing photos and images
    • How to apply artistic effects and looks to your photos
    • How to add animation and animated overlays to your photos
    • How to use the Quick Edit and Guided Edit workspaces to create cool new effects for your photos almost automatically!
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    Click to purchase! (coming soon)