What's New in Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 17

Magix has added some very cool features to its latest version of Vegas Movie Studio Platinum (to go fullscreen, click the symbol highlighted in green).


Basic Training - DVD Architect & Vegas Movie Studio
The following are a few video tutorials to get you familiar with DVD Architect and Vegas Movie Studio (VMS) and some of its features, along with several tips that will ensure a successful project from start to finish.

DVD Architect

Vegas Movie Studio
Platinum 17


Table of Contents

The Muvipix Guide to Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 17

Magix's amazingly powerful video editor just seems to get better with each generation. Yet, because it's so loaded with so many powerful tools, it can also be rather intimidating.

The Guide to Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 17 will show you all the tools in the latest version of this richly-featured program and how to use them, step-by-step.

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You'll learn how to:
  • Get video from your tape-based, hard drive or even flash-based camcorder into your video project
  • Build a timeline, and how to trim, split, arrange and composite the clips you add to it
  • Add custom effects, transitions and music, then make your video look like a Hollywood movie with new AutoLooks
  • Use the cool, new Multicam Editor to create a professional cut of an event from several video sources
  • How to edit 3D and 360° VR movies
  • How to use the cool, new Bezier mask and Motion Tracker
  • How to use the new Slow Motion and Warp Flow effects and the very cool Screen Recorder
  • Use the Chroma Keyer effect to make a person look like he or she is in any real or imaginary location
  • Upload your videos directly to Vimeo and YouTube
  • Prepare your videos for output as a DVD and BluRay disc
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Table of Contents

The Muvipix Guide to DVD Architect

Once you’ve finished editing your video masterpiece, you’ll want to distribute it in the glossiest package available. The powerful, yet surprisingly affordable DVD Architect gives you the tools to create exciting and professional-looking DVDs and BluRay discs on your home computer. The Guide to DVD Architect will show you how to use all the tools in the latest version of this richly-featured disc authoring program to make discs that look and act like their professionally-produced counterparts.

Click here for chapter 1 [Get to know DVD Architect]

You'll learn how to:
  • Build a DVD or BluRay disc from your video and media clips
  • Personalize your disc menus with custom graphics and backgrounds
  • Bring your disc menus to life with animation and music
  • Build complex menu structures so that you can include alternate takes, outtakes and bonus features
  • Add subtitles and multi-language audio tracks
  • Create custom buttons and button highlights
  • Create your own disc menu themes
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