Services is a community of amateur and semi-professional videographers. Our goal is to provide the members of our community with the means, the knowledge, the skills and the tools to produce the most exciting and professional-looking video projects possible.

To that end, we strive to offer the highest quality media at the best possible price. We also strive to, whenever possible, offer technical support. Our community includes some of the most helpful and experienced PC-based video amateurs anywhere and, if you can't find the path to your video goal, chances are you'll find someone here who can help you find your way. (In fact, when it comes to Adobe's Premiere Elements, we literally wrote the book!)

Unfortunately, due to the infinite number of possible hardware and/or software configurations, potential program conflicts and the occasional operating system gremlin, we can't guarantee we can chase away every bug in your project. But, if there's a solution within our means, we will do everything in our power to help you work your way to it.

The streets of this community are lined with user forums, tutorials, tips and, true to our name, music, video and pictures to help you tell your story in a high-quality and professional-looking way. And, as our community grows, so will our resources. We'll be adding more media regularly, and we'll continue to update and build on our tips, tricks, tutorials and technical support often.

Here's a short list of just some of our features and items available:
  • Community Help & Support
  • 5 Subscription Plans
  • Tutorials
  • Learning Series
  • FREE Stuff!
  • SD & HD Motion Backgrounds
  • Background Music
  • DVD Templates
  • Basic Graphics and Stock Video
  • Articles (subscribers only)
  • One on One or Group Chat
  • Steve's Tips & Articles
  • FAQs
  • Partners

In closing
Please check in regularly. Stay a while, and make some new friends. We're a better place because of the people who share in our community.