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Learning Series - eLive! (Premiere & Photoshop Elements)
A look at the new eLive link to Adobe Elements news and inspiration in Premiere Elements & Photoshop Elements.

item added 21 June 15

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High-Tech Satellite Effect

tu-Ceate a simple Feathered Matte in Photoshop Elements 6

Ceate a simple Feathered Matte in Photoshop Elements 6 - Blending images into different layers can be easy; this tutorial shows you how - item added 19 Feb 08

tu-Clip & Crop Effects - PE4 (free)

Chuck shows us the difference between the "Clip" & "Crop" special effects in Premiere Elements 4
Item added 7 Nov 07

tu-Converting from WMV to DV-AVI using Movie Maker

As the title says, a quick lesson on how to convert your WMV video files to Premiere Elements' DV-AVI format
Item added 7 Nov 07

tu-Drag and Drop Media

A quick, simple way to get media (images, video, etc) into your Premiere Elements project.

tu-Getting Started With After Effects

Getting Started With After Effects - A simple introduction to the similarities between After Effects 7 and Premiere Elements - - item added 19 Feb 08

tu-PE4 - Adjusting Keyframes

PE4 - Adjusting Keyframes - How to adjust keyframes when using Presets - item added 19 Feb 08