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Export and Share Options

Learning Series - Export and Share Options (Premiere Elements 14)
A look at the newly designed Export & Share option panel.

item added 15 Sep 15

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Text Tool Options in Photoshop Elements

Text Tool Options in Photoshop Elements (Photoshop Elements)
A look at the text tool's options, in particular its new type on path, type on selection and type and line options.
Item added 27 July 14

SMS - Output Options

Sony Movie Studio - Output Options.
A look at advanced output options for Sony Movie Studio.
Item added 21 June 15

Creating Custom Export Settings

Creating Custom Export Settings
Premiere Elements 14
Creating custom export presets in Premiere Elements 14.
Item added 21 Mar 16

Picture Printing Options

Picture Printing Options (The Elements Organizer)
Printing options in Photoshop Elements and the Organizer.
Item added 13 Jan 20