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win 10 and DVD burn using Vegas 10 and DVD ARCH5

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win 10 and DVD burn using Vegas 10 and DVD ARCH5

Postby nad333 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:20 pm

After a hiatus of many months I recently discovered I can no longer create DVD video with windows 10! seems microsoft dropped that free feature sometime ago and I must have lost it in some MS update. I did use win 10 many months ago and it worked. so now I use my toshiba laptop and window 7 to make my dvd. Question is this? what 3rd party software would be suggested so in can use my win 10 system, as in the past, using vegas 10 and dvdarch 5 to create my DVD videos? I just bought vegas 14.

my win 10 system specs HP ENVY 750-116 2TB hard drive (1.5 TB free) AMD A10-8750 at 3.6 GHZ, installed ram 12 GB, sys type 64 bit operating system and hp DVDRAM GUBON
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Re: win 10 and DVD burn using Vegas 10 and DVD ARCH5

Postby Chris B » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:49 pm

I don't understand when you say that a free feature has been dropped. My Win10 system (Fall creator's update) has DVD image burning (and mounting - an improvement over 7) built in - and I don't believe it's been depreciated.

Right clicking an ISO produces this menu option

Which leads to the DVD burning dialogue:

It's also available from the Ribbon.
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