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Newbie needs help with color correction

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Newbie needs help with color correction

Postby MrGrunthunter » Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:50 pm

Using my new GoPro HERO 4 camera at the 2014 Daytona annual turkey run car show yesterday, I messed up and had the white balance setting incorrect in my camera and now ALL of my clips have a blue tint to them. I don't know why I had the camera set like this but I did and now I have a mess I'm trying to salvage. I have intended to upload this 31min project to YouTube. Here is what I had the camera set at (maybe someone can give me a suggestion as to what I should have had it set at also?):
RESOLUTION: 1080 with 30fps
White Balance: 3000K (don't know why I didn't use 'auto')
COLOR: GoPro Color
ProTune set to: ON
ISO Limit set to: 1600 (probably should have been 400)
EV Comp default: 0.0

I just purchased SONY MOVIE STUDIO PLATINUM 13 SUITE for my editing software. The question is: "is there an easy way to do a batch color correction to all of my clips at the same time?". I tried using 'Media FX' and selected 'color correction' but it pulls up a screen where you have to manually adjust every aspect of the color spectrum but being a novice at this I'm trying to find a way I can basically automatically correct for the wrong camera setting in one shot.

Anyone else want to own up to making this novice mistake and how did you overcome your situation? The car show is over so there is no going back and redoing everything until next year.
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Re: Newbie needs help with color correction

Postby Steve Grisetti » Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:11 pm

Hi, McGrunthunter! Welcome to Muvipix! I've moved your question to our Vegas/Movie Studio forum since it specifically deals with that software.

Color correction is fairly simple in Movie Studio 13 using the White Balance effect. However, it will only work on one clip at at a time. I don't know of any way to correct color for a batch of clips, since every clip is going to have its own unique challenges. But let's see if any of the other Vegas/Movie Studio users have a suggestion.
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Re: Newbie needs help with color correction

Postby Chris B » Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:20 pm

You can use a track level effect which will apply the effect to all the clips on the track. You could start with a single track and use the white balance effect to correct all the clips and see how you get on. You can then apply individual corrections to polish clips that still aren't quite right.

If there are several different lighting conditions you could you can group your tracks so that they are all similarly "wrong" - i.e. under the same lighting conditions use 2 or 3 different tracks with each having it's own colour correction.
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