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Place links on opening screen-instead of on submenu?

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Re: Place links on opening screen-instead of on submenu?

Postby Bob » Tue Aug 19, 2014 4:31 pm


I have just a few comments about themes. While a theme didn't help all that much in this case, they can still be pretty useful.

The themes that come standard with DVD Architect are all grid type themes. If you take a look at them, you can see the variety of things they can do. Note however, that they mainly save the background image, the button style, and the grid parameters. However, they don't save the text, any graphics you added, or positions of things.

Positional themes save the entire menu layout and are good for situations where the buttons are independent links to a video or menu and you have a particular layout for the main menu that won't vary. For example, a wedding dvd template. Say you want a main menu that says "Our Wedding" on the top in a script font. A photo of the couple in the center. The names, date, and location in text at the bottom in a different font than the title. And, text only buttons on the right for "wedding" and "reception". You could lay it out and save it as a positional theme and it will save all the information. The next time you need to make a wedding dvd, start a new project and apply your custom wedding theme. It's now laid out. Add the wedding and reception videos to the tree and update the destination link in the buttons. Replace the couple placeholder photo in the theme with the actual photo. Update the text as needed. Done.
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