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Scene Selection Button

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Scene Selection Button

Postby mikesteve » Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:26 pm

I used DVDA5 to burn a disk with 2 scene selection menus. I made 5 separate disks all different movie files. When I insert the first 3 disks into my blu ray player and press the right arrow and then press enter on my remote to navigate to the scene selection menu everything works fine.

The last 2 disks don't work that way. When I press the right arrow the scene selection is highlighted, but when I press the enter key it takes me back to the main movie button and starts playing the full movie. I am unable to get to my scene selection screens. I looked at the properties of the action and navigation and nothing looks wrong. Should I just set the auto activate to yes under the action tab? All 5 of the disks have it set to no and the first 3 work fine. The problem is the last 2 disks.

The movies were made in SVMS 12 Platinum and I pressed the make movie button and selected movie with menus. I have made around 30 movies and this is the first time I am having the problem.
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Re: Scene Selection Button

Postby Steve Grisetti » Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:24 am

Were all of your disks burned from the same Prepared Files/ISO?

Whenever you make more than one copy of a movie, I recommend you make one Prepared File set (or ISO, in the case of a BluRay) and then use that Prepared File/ISO to create any duplicates (as opposed to running the entire Make DVD/BluRay process every time).

If all of your BluRays were produced from the same ISO, it sounds like DVD Architect did its job. The problem is with the media, or disks, themselves.

I don't know what brand of disks you're using, but we recommend that you buy Verbatim rather than, say, Memorex (which have terrible quality control). I also recommend that you use the free download ImgBurn to create duplicates from your Prepared/ISO files.

ImgBurn not only does an excellent job burning your disks, but it includes a Verify option that, if checked, does a final check of your disk to make sure the burn went well. Using ImgBurn with Verify, I virtually never produce a problem disk.
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