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Playlist problem

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Playlist problem

Postby dclark » Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:36 pm

I used Movie Studio to make a video with 50 scenes. I used DVD Architect to make a Blu-ray disk with scene selection menus. I want to include one scene to be an option on the top level menu. The top level menu has three items, play the movie from the beginning, the scene selection menus, and a playlist that has one of the scenes. I made the playlist as per the instructions on page 50 of the Muvipix Guide to DVD Architect Studio 5.0. Everything works as expected when I preview the disc. When I burn a blu-ray disc the playlist does not go to the correct scene but instead starts at the beginning of the movie. I have burned the disc by making an ISO file and then burn a disc, or when I burn a disc directly from DVD Architect. Same result either way.

I cannot find any reason why the preview and the disc behave differently. Any ideas what can be wrong?
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Re: Playlist problem

Postby Steve Grisetti » Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:44 pm

If you're trying to create a link from your main menu to one of the scenes in your movie, you probably don't want to create a playlist. Playlists are for gathering several short videos so that they play as one continuous video.

What you want to do is add your entire movie to your main menu -- just as you did when you created your Play Movie button. Then double-click on this new button to access the timeline for the video it links to.

On the video's timelines, drag the two yellow flags along the top of the timeline inward to isolate the scene you want to play. (These two flags set your movie's in and out points.) There's a sidebar on page 77 of the book that illustrates how you can take this longer movie and trim it so that, at least as accessed from this button, a short segment will actually play.

Doing this should have no effect on the video that's under your Play Movie button.
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