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Switching between DaVinci and Pro

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Switching between DaVinci and Pro

Postby Matthew Max » Wed Sep 22, 2021 9:45 am

To all of you who said DaVinci was a good program to get used to, I can agree now. I'm going to keep my old Pro version on my old machine, and I'm going to use the full DaVinci program on my new machine. I've decided to have fun learning all the options DaVinci offers. I don't need a bunch of obvious effects, but I do need a lot of effects. Most of my work is in persuasion or in instruction. I've noticed that all the instructional videos I'm watching on YouTube to learn DaVinci are loaded with a zillion non-educational effects. They're also too fast. I'm a specialist in human learning and memory, a division of educational psychology. So I spend my time using effects to support the principles of learning, not to dazzle. The difference is huuuuuuge.
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Re: Switching between DaVinci and Pro

Postby sidd finch » Wed Sep 22, 2021 9:50 am

You might follow the same recipe that you used to learn PPro. Hopefully that helps.

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