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Suggestion please

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Suggestion please

Postby francycv » Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:45 am

Core i7 (5th Gen)/8 GB DDR3L/1 TB/15.6 Inch/DOS/2 GB r5 m330

Core i5/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 2GB nvida 940m

Good system for premiere pro and after effects? Please suggest, thank you

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Re: Suggestion please

Postby Peru » Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:00 am

Welcome to Muvipix.

What is the processor speed of the i7?
How many cores? Is it multithreaded?

You want at least 24 GB RAM to run AE well.

You will need at least two 7200 RPM hard drives and NVIDIA graphics for proper operation of Premiere Pro.

Are you looking at laptops or desktops?

See here for some good information (scroll down for topics):
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Re: Suggestion please

Postby Bob » Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:51 pm

A few of things to keep in mind:

Premiere Pro uses CUDA acceleration in its rendering engine -- You'll really want to use this. CUDA is only available on NVIDIA video cards. Get a NVIDIA graphics card, not a Radeon. The GeForce GTX series is ok, but don't get the cheapest one. You'll want one in at least the middle of the performance range. Most of these cards have 2GB of video ram or more and that's probably enough for video rendering -- 1GB video ram is the absolute minimum. Adobe has a list of certified video cards. There is a well known hack for enabling NVidia cards not on the list, but you'll need to reapply the hack after every software update. Which version of Premiere Pro will you be using?

After Effects also uses graphics card acceleration, but only uses CUDA in the ray-traced 3D renderer. Other acceleration uses OpenGL.

I would consider 8GB of RAM a minimal system. It would be best if you got more. After Effects especially can use as much at you give it. You can run After Effects on 8GB of RAM, but it will definitely limit the length of your previews and it can slow processing of very complex compositions. I don't know that you will need 24GB unless you are in a professional studio, but certainly more ram is better. You will also benefit from more ram if you will be working with 4K video and/or using the dynamic link features. There are still many systems being sold with Windows 7. If you are considering one of those you need to know that Windows 7 Home edition is limited to 16GB of physical RAM. If you need more RAM than that, you will need at least the Windows 7 Professional Edition.

Video is very demanding of processor resources. For video work, there is no question that i7 cpus are superior. Besides enabling hyperthreading, i7 cpus have more cache and are more efficient at repetitive processing tasks.

A single hard drive is not advised. There will be a lot of read/write activity on the drive and it will definitely slow you down. At the very least consider two drives -- the operating system on one, your video and scratch files on the other. Don't get "green" drives (5200rpm), they're too slow. Get 7200rpm drives. If you often work with large projects, you might consider getting a third hard drive to further separate your read/write activity.
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