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ProShow Audio Track

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ProShow Audio Track

Postby Walter Seaton » Wed May 05, 2010 10:34 am

I have worked with Premiere Elements 8 and have nearly finished my first major project in ProShow Producer. I had assumed that Producer would give me the same type of audio tools that I am used to in PE8. It clearly does not, so here is my problem and also a very time consuming solution. If there is a better way to do this, I would appreciate your advice.

It is a half hour mixed video and still (mainly still) presentation. The sound track consists of narration (297 separate narration clips to match the screen images), wild recordings made on location and recorded background music. My plan is to have music sometimes playing behind the narration, then fade up when there is no narration, with the wild recordings fed in at appropriate points, also capable of sometimes being “behind” the narration.

To accomplish this, I would need at least two parallel sound tracks. It seems to me that I am able only to associate one sound track with any given point in the ProShow project. My time consuming solution is to prepare a spreadsheet on which I record the start and end times together with the timeline location in the production of each slide or video clip and the length of each SFX component and its location. I then go to my audio editing software and lay down each SFX component according to its timeline location, using several tracks. I then mix down the tracks to one final version which I then import into the ProShow project. Because this is not an exact science, I end up having to tweak the length of some of the images to make the sound track “fit”.

Surely, there must be a better way. Many thanks in advance.
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Walter Seaton
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Re: ProShow Audio Track

Postby Chuck Engels » Wed May 05, 2010 5:29 pm

Hang in there Walter, I'm sure one of the folks familiar with ProShow will be along soon.
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Re: ProShow Audio Track

Postby VernonRobinson » Wed May 05, 2010 7:53 pm

ProShow allows you to put a Sound Track down that plays the entire movie. This you see at the bottom of the interface. Also, ProShow will allow you to attach a sound to each slide. You could attach your narration to each slide in this fashion. To get the fade in and out look at the settings in the red rectangle in the upper left. With 297 of them to do this will take a little while. Also, the volume going up and down will likely drive the audience crazy. What I try and do in my show is to keep the backgroud at a constant low level and then bring the narration/natural sounds in over the top. This way the two blend together and the volume fluctuation is less abrupt. You can do it either way.

Now here comes the rub. You have a sound track for your music and you have a place on the slide to add the narration. Now if you wanted to add a lion's roar to go with the excellent narration describing your once in a lifetime safari into the jungles of have a problem. Or do you? The work around is in the lower right hand corner. Assume you have 5 slides with cut transitions and a duration of 3 seconds each for a total length of 15 seconds. If you put a sound on slide 3 it would normally start at 9 seconds and play. But notice the offset box. if I put -3 seconds in the box, then the slide will start to play at 6 seconds instead of at 9 seconds. Effectively the sound you have put on slide 3 starts to play when slide two plays. So you will hear the sound on slide 2 along with the offset sound from slide 3. In this way you can multi-layer sounds onto a single slide. Oh yeah, the opposite is also true. If you put 3 seconds in, then your sound on slide 3 at 9 seconds will start to play on slide 4 at 12 seconds. Using this method, you can work around your problem.

In the future, I would suggest that you set up your slides, create your script and then using Audacity, record your narration in larger sections. Then you could fine tweek your slide durations if you need to in order to match your almost completed show. I believe this is closer to how the Pros do their voice overs. They watch the show and match the tone and cadence to the show.

Bounce back if you have more questions.

ProShow Sound Settings.jpg
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