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Comparing the Quality of Burn to Folder with Outputting...

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Comparing the Quality of Burn to Folder with Outputting...

Postby George Tyndall » Fri May 06, 2011 4:15 pm MPEG NTSC DVD VBR, 2 Pass, Quality 5.

Using one and the same PRE7 HD timeline, I output the video as follows:

1. Disc>Burn to Folder 4.7GB
2. Personal Computer>MPEG NTSC DVD Widescreen>Advanced Tab>VBR, 2 Pass, Quality 5

Upon noting that the two processes took an equivalent amount of time to save, I decided to compare the quality of the two files upon playback directly from the HDD.

Result: The quality of both the video and the audio of the two files seemed comparable.

Conclusion: If one wishes to create from multiple scenes/clips a SD DVD of the highest-possible quality, and one may wish to create numerous additional copies of that DVD in the future with Premiere Elements, then the following may be an excellent method:

1. Edit each clip/scene as desired and then share the timeline as Personal Computer>MPEG NTSC DVD Standard or Widescreen>Advanced Tab>VBR, 2 Pass, Quality 5 to create .mpg files
2. To create the DVD, assemble the .mpg files on the timeline in the order desired, then add the Disc Menu and scene markers; finally, output the timeline as Disc>Burn to Folder
3. Using one's preferred disc-burning software (CyberLink, ImgBurn, etc.) burn the folder to the number of SD discs that one requires.

Comments from the expert SD DVD-producers, please!

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