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Shutter ANGLES and Creative Control

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Shutter ANGLES and Creative Control

Postby Paz_Pazzaz » Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:09 am

Panasonic's release of firmware update 2.3 for the GH5, designed to improve auto focus, requires setting the shutter speed by ANGLE rather than time.

With the angle setup I'm finding my vids tend to be more toward over exposed and am adjusting aperture more often, even though I have my light to dark setting at about -3. (Maybe that's minus 0.3.)

In some of my stored settings I have ISO set and in others I have ISO automatic. I need to pay attention and figure out which is best with angle being set to the recommended 180 degrees.

So I've been thinking about shutter angle, and whether I need to locate my adjustable neutral density filter so I can adjust on the fly.. and then I came across the article above.

I have been planning on setting up a super high frame rate especially for slow motion of things like hummers. Based on this article, I may want to have a very narrow degree of shutter angle in hopes of getting very little wing blur. While this might not be a new concept for most here, it is for me and I thought I'd share. I'll be experimenting!

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