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Hello from England, UK

A place to introduce and tell a little about yourself.

Re: Hello from England, UK

Postby Tony Wade » Mon Sep 29, 2008 5:17 am

Welcome Sonia.

I am in St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex, England. I am Canadian, and our weather is GREAT compared to the weather in UK. I hate rain, love sun. Used to live in Palm Springs California. (Miss it)

Anyway, I have learned a lot since coming here and continue to be guided by the fantastic experts you will find on this site.
People like Steve G and Chuck E but many many more.

They even wished me happy 60th birthday :oops:

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Re: Hello from England, UK

Postby Bill Hunt » Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:23 am


Welcome to the Muvipix community.

There is a lot of material and discussion on the topics of your interest. The breadth of Muvipix is astounding.

Though a "daft yank," I get to spend a couple of weeks per year in the UK. Unfortunately, this is always around business and we hardly ever get out of Mayfair. Only excursions have been up to Oxford and Cambridge, but those jants were for business, so we never got to really explore much. About the only countryside I've seen has been from a train. Missed the re-opening of Ascot, because my wife had to have hip surgery. She even had an invitation to the Queen's box for re-opening day - bummer. We'd postponed our April trip to that June/July just to coincide with Ascot. Well, since her hips are replaced and she's back to golf, with tennis on the horizon, I cannot complain too much, can I?

Now, when we're in the UK (most often April and October), the locals tell us that we bring the best weather of the year. Seems that we have, too. Oh, there have been a few exceptions, but it's usually sunny, breezy and warm, when we're there. Guess that the Manchester Chamber of Commerce needs to extend an invitation to my wife!

Hope to steal my lovely wife for a few days of just trekking about - hate to be there and see nothing but one area of London, though I really do enjoy the time spent there. I just want to experience much more and we never have the time.

If the UK'ers on Muvipix ever do a "gathering," and it could happen in April or October, AND there's room for a "yank," let me know. I'll do my best to grab a train to wherever. Great excuse to get out of London, I'd say!

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