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Minneapolis Get Together Is Set

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Re: Minneapolis Get Together Is Set

Postby DeafBug » Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:33 pm

Chuck Engels wrote:We are going to have a few surprises for those of you that show up for the meeting. :-#

You call those surprises?!?! ::C

Well, there were surprises. The most unexpected surprise was how the video camera was rolling when you enter the room. We had to greet ourselves on the spot.

It was nice meeting those that attended. And meeting the owners/creators of the forums (or authors of the books) was a pleasure. BTW, I was asked for my forum username and I noticed the looks on some of the faces. So I explained, I am deaf and I drive a Beetle. Then there was that "ooohhs" and "aaahhs"

Thanks to Chuck and Steve for hosting.
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Re: Minneapolis Get Together Is Set

Postby Steve Grisetti » Fri Sep 11, 2009 1:13 pm

Great to meet you too, Brad. (It's fun to learn everyone's REAL names, by the way!)

The Minneapolis meet-up was a lot fun -- and it was hard to say goodbye. What wonderful friends we've met on this forum.

Great to meet you all face to face, Brad, Sharon (Villageidiot), Kerrie, Tim (tjdork), Sue and Barb O!

We shot some great video of the meeting, including some video greetings from those who couldn't make it. Give me a couple of days to edit it down, and I'll post it to our gallery early next week.

Thanks again to everyone who came by to spend some very memorable time with us!
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