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The Train Depot

Talk about the advent of Drone photography and video.

Re: The Train Depot

Postby sidd finch » Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:13 pm

It goes without saying. Sidd, are you obeying the laws?

Thank you RJ.

Yes completely legal. Not flying above 250 feet and for the most part I launched over empty parking lots to get the shots. DJI also has their Geo_Fencing on the aircraft so the drone would not operate in the restricted airspace. I also am flying pretty early Saturday and Sunday morning so there are not too many people downtown. The area I am flying in is a warning area not a restricted area meaning I need to provide my e-mail identification in the app to acknowledge I am flying in a warning area. So if something happens in that area they know who was flying and who to contact if there are any issues. Otherwise the aircraft will not operate. In restricted areas you have to apply for a permit from DJI to fly including day and flight time.

Steve's narration is also fantastic.

100% in agreement. Without fail any video I have with Steve's voice always get the majority of the compliments on the voice. I created a "Steve Grisetti" group on vimeo that I have been adding the videos of his narration.

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