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FAA's New Proposal for DRONE Control: Urgent!

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FAA's New Proposal for DRONE Control: Urgent!

Postby Paz_Pazzaz » Tue Feb 25, 2020 1:00 pm

From an email I received this morning:
"We’re writing you because a new FAA proposal could profoundly change how you fly your drone – and you have 6 days to tell the FAA what you think about it.

The FAA wants security and safety officials to be able to monitor airborne drones through “Remote Identification.” DJI strongly believes in Remote ID, but the FAA’s proposal would put new burdens on you. It could require you to pay a monthly fee to fly, connect to the internet for every flight, ground your older drones, and record every flight you take in a nationwide database."

You can learn more about the FAA’s plan – and DJI’s alternative solution – at this link. If you’re concerned about what this means for you, you need to act now. The FAA is accepting comments about the proposed Remote ID rule through March 2, 2020, and your voice will make a difference in how the FAA moves forward.

(link) = ... gcAyBVATje


Click below for DJI’s guide to telling the FAA how its Remote ID rule would affect you. The best way to make the rule better is for drone pilots to speak up now.

(link) = ... gcAyBVATje


If you have, or want to have a drone or quad copter, please let the FAA know your opinion on their proposal for NEW controls and restrictions.

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Re: FAA's New Proposal for DRONE Control: Urgent!

Postby sidd finch » Wed Feb 26, 2020 11:23 am

Seems like a combination of knucklehead piloting and some big brother influence is creating this legislation. Ironically there have been whispers that the Chinese govt has been doing that with DJI drones already. There are so many conspiracy theories that it is hard to sort through. It's safe to say......


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