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Follow Focus? Sliders? Qs and As

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Follow Focus? Sliders? Qs and As

Postby Paz_Pazzaz » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:50 pm

I've installed all but the very latest firmware update and although the GH5 auto focus is now MUCH better, it still often doesn't focus on my subject, even though I have it centered under the 'focus' area and it often will lose focus and then I have to remember to half press a button here or there so I can activate the lens' focus ring and get focus again, definitely after my subject had done whatever interesting thing it was about to do. (huff)

So, I've been trying to understand 'follow focus.' And came across a link that I thought I'd share. ... s-systems/

I'm going to have to read this several times to get it all to sink in, but already I can see that a 'follow focus' mechanism will have to have support rods to hold it up. I'm using a tripod without middle support brackets topped by a fluid video head. I usually use a 'long' plate to have more room to balance the GH5 and most often, long lenses. I don't see any way to attach support rods to my current setup. It's like 3 legs and a head with a flat top haircut.

All thoughts and suggestions are welcome... while I'm at it, I believe film makers use something called a 'slider' (to me that is a kind of turtle!) to somehow move the camera along a track, sort of like a train moves along a track, to film a scene in such a way that it appears the camera is capable of getting a changing view, the same as a human would get by walking over a distance. If that guess is correct, that's all I know about sliders. Any info on that would be most welcome too.


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