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Insta360 One

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Insta360 One

Postby sidd finch » Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:03 pm

Insta360 announced today that the ONE is receiving a “major update” that will add “groundbreaking” stabilization to the 360 camera.

The firmware update adds support for FlowState onboard stabilization. What this means for the Insta360 ONE is better automatic stabilization and a few new editing features.

Insta360 pitted the ONE’s FlowState stabilization against a leading smartphone mounted on a gimbal.

Insta360 has added a few new editing tools to the Insta360 ONE. The first of the new features are “Pivot Points,” which allows you to select center points at specific frames of the video that then creates a smooth camera panning movement. The new “SmartTrack” feature lets you pick an object for the app to track automatically.

And the old “ViewFinder” mode has been improved as well, giving you total manual control. “A user can maneuver their phone exactly as they would if they were recording an experience in real-time with their smartphone camera – turning from side to side, and adjusting zoom on the fly. Whatever they capture in their “re-shoot” will be saved as a new video. The possibilities are literally infinite,” Insta360 said about the new “ViewFinder.”

You can also apply a hyperlapse effect from 2X up to 64X when using the “Edit” tool when you are exporting fix-frame clips.

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