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The Best and Worst Ways You Can Carry your Camera

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The Best and Worst Ways You Can Carry your Camera

Postby sidd finch » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:19 am

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sidd finch
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Re: The Best and Worst Ways You Can Carry your Camera

Postby videovillageidiot » Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:58 pm

Sidd, that was humorous and helpful I carry wayyyy too much stuff and then because it's tucked away in the pack , i don't use it. Thanks for posting!
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Re: The Best and Worst Ways You Can Carry your Camera

Postby momoffduty » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:51 am

Love, love my Black Rapid strap for women. It does swing at the hip and you can lock it to curb that somewhat, but I just walk with my hand on the camera at my side.
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Re: The Best and Worst Ways You Can Carry your Camera

Postby Paz_Pazzaz » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:43 am

Funny, Sidd!

And all this time I've been worried more about how to carry and USE my waaaay too much stuff than how I look doing it!

Camera with 100-400 lens.

Tripod with shoulder strap attached and a small platform and upside down grapnel style "anchor" with four hooks on lower center column

Chest strap contraption with sliders on straps that holds either binoculars or second camera body.

Small Schoolgirl backpack that holds:

wide zoom lens in pouch with hanger

mid range zoom lens in bag with hanger

four or five batteries in clear makeup zip bag with hanger

closeup lens attachments in bag with hanger

eyeglasses case with hanger

loupe on string in bag with hanger

plastic makeup zip bag with hanger: REPEL,Deet FREE mosquito repellent, 2 ounce plastic bottles of: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide,water, eye drops, aspirin, asthma inhaler and lens cleaner

plastic makeup bag with soft, absorbent baby diaper, large plastic bags to cover camera and/or lenses, and two plastic ponchos (this also functions as cushion for equip)

pockets in backpack hold: pen, paper, business cards, compass on string, tiny flashlight, tiny garden clippers and allen wrenches that fit tripod connections.

Oh, coffee and ice water thermoses on shoulder straps.


If I expect to be standing for a long time I take a broom handle with a bicycle seat attached to the top.

(The First Aid kit usually remains in the car)

Backpack is really small, about 12 inches in height. Easy to slip on and off. I carry tripod with camera and main lens while wearing backpack until I reach my destination, then the backpack goes on one of the hooks on the tripod. (As heavy as a sandbag but more useful!) Then as I need items they come out of the backpack and hang on hooks as I use them. Works really well! :fg:
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