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Facebook enters the VR camera world

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Facebook enters the VR camera world

Postby sidd finch » Tue May 09, 2017 11:37 am


Facebook has designed a camera that it wants others to make so it can build a VR content platform and software behind it that will then use Oculus for viewing. Facebook doesn't want to be a camera manufacturer, and the designs it created are open-source, meaning anyone can use them. What it wants is to be the content platform of choice.

For GoPro, this could be a threat to its future VR cameras -- or it could be an opportunity to develop products that work seamlessly with Facebook, leveraging the VR platform the company is building.

Six- and 24-lens cameras could also be part of a broader VR strategy at GoPro. The company introduced a pilot program for a camera called Fusion on Thursday, and while it didn't release many details, it indicated that Fusion will work with existing GoPro hardware and may have a similar form factor. If it's a 2-lens design, that could be a "good" product at an entry price point for consumers.

The "better" and "best" products in the lineup could be a 6-lens and 24-lens design based on GoPro's existing Omni product and Facebook's new open-source designs. In that sense, Facebook could help create an attractive product extension -- instead of being competition. ... a-new.aspx

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