What's New in
Premiere Elements 11

Version 11 of Premiere Elements is a major rethinking of the program. Gone is the cluttered, candy-colored interface. In its place is a bright, clean interface with the tools tucked neatly away under easy-to-access tabs and buttons.

  • Auto project set-up based on video files added
  • Supports 60p AVCHD as well as various smartphones format, iPads and other portable devices
  • 64-bit support for both Windows and Mac OSX
  • Quick Edit timeline for quickly assembling short videos
  • A brand-new, very intuitive Adjustments panel for correcting color and improving audio
  • A Time Remapping tool for quickly shifting your videos into and out of fast and slow motion
  • Cool FilmLooks that automatically change the style and mood of your movies
  • Direct uploading to virtually all of the most popular video and photo sharing websites

What's New in
Photoshop Elements 11

The interface for Photoshop Elements 11 has also been completely redesigned with tools and workspaces easily accessed with easy-to-read tabs and buttons.

  • Improved Quick, Guided and Expert Editing workspaces
  • Options for configuring and customizing the interface
  • An improved Tool Options Bin for customizing how every tool works
  • New Sketch Filters for turning your photos into comic book or graphic novel illustrations
  • Improved Camera RAW support
  • An advanced Refine Edge tool that makes even selecting around detailed features, like hair and fur, virtually automatic
  • A redesigned Organizer that categorizes and searches your media files based on date, event, location and even the people in them!

The following are a few video tutorials of the brand new release of Premiere Elements 11:

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
The Guides to Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 11

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Adobe has done such a major overhaul of Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements and the Elements Organizer in version 11 that you'll hardly recognize them.

Adobe has completely rethought the interfaces for all three programs, brightening their look, cleaning up their navigation and tucking their tools away until you need them.

Though you'll see greatly improved performance - particularly with Premiere Elements on higher end machines, as it takes advantage of the 64-bit operating architecture on Windows 7 and 8 as well as the Mac's OSX.

As always, we've made every effort to offer the most comprehensive support possible for these programs in the forms of our latest Guides. You'll find thorough explanations of each of the tools in all of the programs as well as how-tos for the latest tools and dozens of tips and tricks for taking advantage of the many cool but not-so-obvious features in the Elements bundle.

Our guides come in our new, larger (7"x10"), redesigned format. And our Premiere Elements 11 guide comes in both a color and black & white version.

And, of course, we'll continue to provide tips, tricks and tutorials right here on Muvipix so that you can make the very most of your entire photo and video editing experience.

Thanks for supporting the Muvipix cause! Hope to see you around the forums.

The Guide to Adobe Premiere Elements 11

The tools, and how to use them, to make movies on your personal computer using the best-selling video editing software program.

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From the basics of video editing with Premiere Elements, like capturing your media and building a timeline, to advanced functions, like creating customized effects and building menus for your DVDs and BluRay discs, we'll show you:
  • How to master the exciting, new, redesigned interface, and how to best utilize the all-new Quick View and Expert View timelines
  • How to generate custom-created musical clips, to your exact specifications, using SmartSound Express Tracks
  • How to shift the playback speed of your movie with the cool, new Time Remapping tool
  • How to use the powerful tools launched from the all-new Action Bar
  • How to take advantage of the innovative new file management systems in the redesigned Elements Organizer
  • The magic of keyframing, Premiere Elements' most versatile and powerful tool for creating motion paths and special effects.
  • How to output video for the Web, a disc or your mobile device
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The Guide to Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 11

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The tools in Adobe's amazing suite of programs, and how to use them together to create professional-looking movies and great-looking photos on your personal computer.

There's no better way to enhance your digital photos and to make great-looking videos than with Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements - two feature-packed programs that work great together.

We'll show you:
  • How to correct color, erase blemishes and enhance your digital photos to make your good pictures look great!
  • How to use selections, layers, effects and filters to take full advantage of Photoshop Elements' powerful tool set
  • How to use the new Quick Edit and Guided Edit workspaces to create cool new effects for your photos almost automatically!
  • How to take full advantage of the Elements Organizer and its media file management and project tools
  • How to use all of Premiere Elements 11's tool set, including the new Time Remapping tool and FilmLooks effects
  • The wealth of tools available in not-so-obvious places
  • The magic of keyframing, Premiere Elements' most versatile and powerful tool for creating motion paths and special effects
  • How to edit - and even create your own - custom DVD and BluRay disc menu templates
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