Premiere Elements 11 Inquiries

Re: EZGrabber will not work with WIN 10
Posted: Steve Grisetti @ Thu Aug 13, 2020 10:06 am
Great lead, Sidd!

Re: Setting Up Duel Screen Monitors
Posted: Steve Grisetti @ Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:56 pm
Our tips on adding a second monitor was written about a decade ago. Since then virtually every computer and video card I've seen has had two video ports. So you're right, Fred. It's now as easy as just selecting the option in the operating system. Although most of the time the operating system sees the second monitor and does it for you!

Re: Vision Problem How to Enlarge Size Height of Time line
Posted: Chuck Engels @ Sat Aug 01, 2020 1:43 pm
Check Steve's book for docking headers. It is in the menu, show docking headers. When the docking headers are visible you can undock the timeline panel and move it freely. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]

Re: New to Board Tryed to Post MessageDid Not work
Posted: Chuck Engels @ Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:54 am
Looks like you got it figured out :TU:

Re: Resolutions, Project Settings and Scaling
Posted: Steve Grisetti @ Thu Feb 06, 2020 7:40 am
Let us know if you have any other questions, Howard. I wish you the best with your project!

Re: I Can Not Figure Out This Audio Problem
Posted: Peru @ Fri Sep 20, 2019 2:39 pm
If it works with VLC, use VLC. ;)

Re: Upgrade from PE11
Posted: Steve Grisetti @ Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:55 am
Post version-12 the program is 64-bit rather than 32-bit, which can improve performance. Also, there's greater support for non-traditional (non-camcorder) video in newer versions of the software, including video that uses variable frame rate. But if you're happy with the workflow and it does everything you need, there's no urgent need to upgrade. I've got a 2012 car that I love. Though there are a couple of features on newer cars I'd certainly appreciate too.

Re: Scratch disks
Posted: Steve Grisetti @ Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:59 am
Simple answer is No to both questions. But if you'd like to explore it further, rigby, I'd recommend you start a new thread, since your questions aren't really related to scratch disks, the original topic.

Re: Current Thought On Removing Overscan Lines?
Posted: Bob @ Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:36 pm
A poltergeist seems like as good an explanation as any. ;) I think there may have been a bit of corruption in the Photoshop preferences file that was causing the guides in the new document preset to be ignored and not be added to the new document. Adding the new guide seems to have acted like that slap to the side of the cabinet and fixed the problem -- hopefully! I suspect that creating the new guide reinitialized internal data relating to the use of guides. If it continues to work one ti...

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Re: Can Standard Definition Video be Burned to a Blu-Ray Dis
Posted: TreeTopsRanch @ Tue Apr 02, 2019 4:17 pm
"Too bad one can't control where that dual-layer pause occurs." Well you can, sort of. Look here:

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