Effect Sample Tutorials
The following are tutorials of just a few of the effects that you can create from the book:

Click here to see a sampling of just some of the effects you can create!

Supporting Graphics

These are some of the (FREE) graphics that you'll need to create some of your effects. Lots more to come!

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Table of Contents
Want to create some movie magic?
Steve Grisetti, co-founder of our site and author of the many Guides, shows you how to create professional-style special effects on an amateur's budget.

In a book peppered with dozens of Hot Tips for optimizing your Premiere Elements experience, we'll show you how to dig deep into Adobe's best-selling video editing program. Click the image on the left for the Table of Contents. Click here for chapter 6 [Cool Transition Tricks].

Click here to see a sampling of just some of the effects you can create!

Chapter 6
Cool Trick #17 - Use A Preset As A Transition
"Sometimes you want to transition from one clip to another almost invisibly. It's then that a simple cut or subtle dissolve is in order.

But other times you want to have a little fun - to create your own, custom transitions. And with Premiere Elements, there are a number of very cool ways to do this" - Cool Trick 17, Use A Preset As A Transition

"Premiere Elements comes loaded with over 100 transitions, from basic dissolves to pushes, curtains, bars and stripes. And they alone can take you a long way. But for the very cool, there are ways to go beyond the standard, pre-packaged transitions, and create some interesting and custom ways to get from clip to clip."

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From simple tricks, like adding an echo effect to your audio, to advanced tricks, like making a person appear to fly over a city skyline, you'll learn, step by step:
  • How to create pan & zoom effects for your slideshows
  • Create a cool "time warp" video effect
  • Layer your photos to make them look three-dimensional
  • Dissolve from a modern-looking video into a ragged, old movie effect
  • Blur a face, like they do on the TV show "COPS"
  • Make a person appear to fly
  • Use "keying" effects to make a person appear to confront his identical twin
  • Create non-square graphics for your videos
  • Draw an animated line across a map
  • Create cool, custom transitions
  • Create cool titling effects, like Star Wars-style rolling titles
  • Use split-screen techniques and video grid effects to create the "Brady Bunch" effect

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