The Muvipix Team

Chuck Engels [founder]
Chuck Engels is author of "Photoshop Elements 4 & Premiere Elements 2 All In One" and co-author of "Premiere Elements 2 In a Snap." A graduate of Trans America School of Broadcasting in Wausau, Wisconsin, Chuck worked for several years in the radio industry and studied theater and film at the University of Minnesota. Chuck has spent the past 18 years in the transportation industry, and he currently serves as senior programmer and analyst in the software development department of an Atlanta, Georgia, based freight transportation company.

He currently lives near Atlanta with his wife and three children of their four children. Chuck is also involved in the media department for a 10,000-member church and is an active member and regular contributor to the Adobe Premiere Elements User Forum.

Steve Grisetti [founder]
Steve Grisetti holds a master's degree in Telecommunications from Ohio University and spent several years working in the motion picture and television industry in Los Angeles. A veteran user of several video editing programs and systems, Steve is the co-author (with Chuck Engels) of Premiere Elements in a Snap and the author of The Guide to Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and The Guide to DVD Architect Studio 4.5.

Additionally, he is co-founder of, a help and support site for amateur and semi-professional videomakers. A professional graphic designer and sometime video freelancer, he has taught classes in Photoshop and design. He lives in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ron [site admin]
Ron Hoskins was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and joined the US Navy in 1978 at age 17. He's been to hundreds of places around the world and spent 20 years to the day serving his country and was promoted swiftly from junior enlisted status (Aviation Electrician) to the prestigious ranks of officer in the field of Avaition Maintenance Management and retired as a Navy Lieutenant (LDO) at age 37.

He became interested in computers in 1991 and, immediately after retiring from the military, attended a local college in San Diego, Ca. to become a Network Administrator. Soon to learn that being tied down as a Network Administrator wasn't his calling, he now simply enjoys every aspect of computers, website management, video, Flash, music production... and especially taking care of and being a part of the Muvipix Team!

Cheryl is relatively new to video editing (Jan 2007) starting with Premiere Elements 3 and currently using Premiere Pro CS3 and After Effects CS4.

She has a background in Accounting and retired early to focus on her family including elderly parents. She has stayed active as a volunteer with school groups, church, and community groups. She has served on several boards and committees, including a school district focus committee and worked on a state political campaign.

Cheryl and her husband live near St. Louis. They have 2 daughters and a son-in-law. They enjoy hosting International students from the local University. Her daughters coined the phrase 'momoffduty' since she rarely was off duty from the family or volunteer activities.

Cheryl was an early subscriber to Muvipix (Feb 2007). "The help I have received here has been overwhelming. Subscribed for the tutorials, motion backgrounds, and had 101 questions. My initial interest was editing family video and stop motion. Since joining Muvipix I have been sidetracked by slideshows, morphing, special effects, scanning, photoshop, and more. With not having any video editing knowledge and lacking computer skills, the members here have helped me immensely. I would have given up without their help and encouragement. I am very happy to share any tips to new users."

Paul LS
Paul has been interested in digital video since 2003 when wanting to transfer years of family video tape to DVD. He started out with Ulead VideoStudio and has since used Magix Movie edit Pro, Premiere Elements/Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. His other great passion is vintage radio repair.

Paul has spent all his working life in the Telecommunications industry and is now based in Southampton in the UK after having spent most of his working life living in Italy and the US.

Bobby is now retired after 30 years of experience in the computer business, mostly at IBM. He has a BSEE degree from Newark College of Engineering and a MSCE (Computer Engineering) from Syracuse University. He has worked on everything from microprocessors to supercomputers and has led many product development teams at IBM. Bob has been involved in digital photography since 1998 and video since 2003.

Bobby's own video work is primarily digitizing and organizing all his old family video tapes, dating back to 1984. He has over fifty DVDs now in his family archives. Bobby is a frequent contributor to the muvipix Community and especially enjoys helping new video hobbyists.

Bob has been an avid photo enthusiast since his early teens and has worked with various formats of both still and motion photography. He enjoys both the technical and the artistic sides and loves to learn new techniques and creatively experiment with the medium. Having moved to a fully digital work flow, he has packed up his darkroom and, aside from an occasional nostalgic moment, hasn't looked back. His primary software tools are currently Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Elements, and DVD Architect Studio. He has also dabbled with Blender, but hardly considers himself an expert with that.

Bob is now retired, but when he had a day job, it was in Information Technology where his thirty-five year career spanned everything from mainframes to PCs and programming (both applications and systems) to management. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering.

Wheat King
Jamal Tyman is a happily married father of four. The family was his primary reason for his initial foray into photo and video editing. The foray has led to a hobby he enjoys and may lead to a part time business in the future.

By day, Jamal enjoys his job as a manager in the public service. His job allows him to combine his knowledge of business administration with information management and information technology. When he's not playing with the family or at the computer he enjoys watching sports and plays hockey. (Oh and he's a big Sens fan!).

John 'twosheds' McDonald
Since his teens, John 'twosheds' McDonald has had a continuing interest in photography, an interest that further blossomed when his children were born. He also had a passing interest in video - then only film based cine being available - when he (very occasionally) borrowed his brother's cine camera to record his children growing up.

With the advent of digital still cameras, and the ability to move away from the tyranny of temperature and time controlled chemical processes, the photography interest really took off with Photoshop being the software of choice. A few years later, in 2003, the video bug bit! Initially the editing software used was ULead but its limitations were soon exposed and the the move to Premiere Elements, when it was first launched, was a natural progression. Currently the toolset of choice is Adobe's CS4 Master Collection.

John spent all of his working life in Italy, ending his career as Head of IT for a life insurance company. Having taken early retirement, he now divides his time between his house in the UK and Sicily, where he has a house on the coast about twenty five kilometres west of Palermo. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.

Beth Wachsman is a highly regarded juggler living in New York City. She juggles motherhood (2 small children ages, 6 and 4), a husband, friends, friends' children, birthday parties, social engagements, grocery shopping, etc.) and a small business doing video editing and; slideshows; photobooks and other digital media enhancements. She also was formerly a marketing manager at several national publications. But to continue successfully juggle motherhood, her business and get outside for some vitamin D from time to time she had to drop her marketing manager responsibilities four years ago. Now she juggles faster than ever, but finds it more rewarding.

When Beth's children are grown and she has free time that isn't solely devoted to editing, she would like to go to sleep. And then see a movie. And go the beach. And write more children's stories. And throw a party for her friends. And go back to Italy. And if her husband remembers to videotape all of it, she would edit the footage into another movie.

A theatre major in college, Jack spent 20 years in the industry most populated by actors & writers: foodservice. On the side, he shot & edited family videos and comedy sketches with his friends. After developing his business and personnel skills in restaurant management, Jack turned his hobby into a career and opened Category 5 Productions in 2007 (with a lot of help and advice from Muvipix!). After asking so many questions here, the other Moderators figured he must have learned a thing or two along the way and invited him to become a Moderator himself. His areas of knowledge are Adobe Production Studio, video cameras and computer hardware.

Today, Category 5 Productions is a small but growing video & photography business with clients throughout the US and Canada. Jack is happily married and has 2 sons: a toddler and a newborn.

Vernon has a degree in Industrial Engineering from GMI and a Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix. The original spark was joining the local Photo Staff while in college. With photography as a hobby the growth into video was a natural extension. The original drivers were to document the children's activities and ultimately capture and catalogue the family pictures for his brothers and sisters.

Vernon has become the defacto audio visual person for each of the children's sports teams as they have progressed from middle school through the high school level, routinely creating year end videos and the like. Vernon resides in suburban Detroit Michigan.

Bill Hunt
Bill Hunt started his film career being a gaffer for his father, who was a stringer for the NBC affiliate in near-by New Orleans. Most of the shooting was of hurricanes striking the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Back in those days, everything was shot on 16mm B/W film, and shipped to New Orleans for processing and editing, before it was aired.

After getting a degree in Civil Engineering, he worked for several structural steel fabrication companies, and helped design the original Abrose Light Station in New York Bay, and the I-10's Pearl River bridge's bascule section, between LA and MS. That bridge has withstood both Hurricanes Camille and Katrina. He left engineering after six years with Union Carbide Corporation.

He went back to school at LSU and got a BA in Cinematography. He put himself though school (second time) by doing advertising still photography. After graduation, his career focused much more on servicing his still clients, than doing cine work. One project, however, "Reaching Out," a nurse recruiting film was nominated for an Academy Award for "Industrial Short." It did not make the cut into the next to final round.

After 30 years of advertising still work, he began exploring digital video, as most of his still work had already gone over to his computer.

Now semi-retired, he lives in Phoenix, AZ, with his wife, a Regional President for a Catholic healthcare organization, and his Bulldog, Billie's Sweet Magnolia Lane, named for the entrance drive to Augusta National Golf Course. He just lost her brother, Gevrey-Chambertin du Beauregard (Beaux to all of his many friends), to a brief, but fatal illness, so now it's just the three of them.

Besides his wife, and his Bulldog, Bill enjoys golf, fine wine and dining.

George Tyndall
George's interest in photography began when his grandparents bought him a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera for about $7 in the mid-1950s, when he was 7 years old. They were moving to Virginia; George gladly accepted the task of making photos for them to document the growth of their grandchildren between their annual visits to New York.

His second camera was a Pentax SLR with a Vivitar zoom lens. This is the camera that he used to record the adventure in 1968 of crossing the U.S. on Route 66, the two-lane highway often called "the mother road."

His most recent photographic interest is the creation of "music video" DVDs with an Olympus C-755 still camera and a Canon HV30 camcorder, using the PRE/PSE 7 bundle.

Bob D
Bob has about 25 years in the Information Technology field, starting out with Sears in Chicago as an Assembler Programmer and presently with Motorola in Schaumburg, Illinois as a Relationship Manager to an IT outsourcing partner.

His first major effort was to create a vacation video of a trip to Europe in Premiere Elements 1.0. Getting a transcoding error fortuitously had Bob stumble upon this great community for the help to fix the error. He has finally completed archiving and backing up all his videos stored on Hi8mm and MiniDV tapes (15+ years worth). When not in front of the computer Bob likes to golf, bike, travel (Hawaii and Europe are his favorites) and take pictures.

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