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What is Motion Design

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Re: What is Motion Design

Postby Bob » Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:43 pm

3DS Max has some features that would make camera projection on a 3D model easier, but, since most of us don't have the $3000+ to buy 3DS Max, Blender is probably what most of use would use. In Blender, you would unwrap the 3D model to create a UV Texture and then map the image to it. The most common methods being UV Projection and UV Texturing. UV Projection is the easiest, but you don't have as much control as you do with UV Texturing.

This image pretty much required it, but you don't always need to go so far as mapping to a 3d model. If you just want to get a 3D perspective and not rotate individual elements, you can use camera projection onto planes in 3D space. This is easily done in After Effects. Here are a couple of After Effects tuts that show the method:

EDIT: I should have added this VCP tut as well.
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Re: What is Motion Design

Postby momoffduty » Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:22 pm

Bob, I've watched that first tut you posted. Interesting. I had planned on trying this out, but the time factor, etc.

Thanks for the links, may watch the VCP one.
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